Sound Healing
Essential Oils

Holistic Body Massage

An invitation to connect with you and immerse yourself in your inner world. Therapeutic grade essential oils help us open up this space by awakening your senses. These droplets enter through the meridians of your spine, we accompany them with reiki, reflexology, siatsu, we activate the thymus gland and we finish with the magic of the sound of the bowls to harmonize the energy and balance the whole body.

Exclusive facial Massage

This massage has a lifting effect. Delays skin aging, increases the production of collagen and elastin naturally. Your face will look serene and it will bring out all the light that you carry inside. We work the muscles of the shoulders, neck, head and face using different techniques such as Ko bido, craniofacial osteopathy, Reiki, Guasha, roller and we will choose the specific essential oils for your skin type.

Thai massage

Massage that combines stretching and pressure. Very effective in the gradual opening of the body, increasing mobility, flexibility, good circulation and energy to body tissues, decreasing body tension. This massage is based on energetic principles and on the holistic conception of the human being. Its main objective is to restore the circulation of vital energy to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance.

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Relaxation Experience

Relaxing massage with aromatherapy and Reiki (40 mins) & Aromatic infusion

Eywa Offers and Packages

Trust our hands, let yourself be pampered. Today the most important thing is you...

Premium Relax&Spa

170 /per person
  • - Sound Healing & Breathwork
  • (30 mins)
  • - Hammam (30 mins)
  • - Holistic massage (60 mins)
  • - Aromatic infusion

Vitality Experience

190 /per person
  • - Private Aerial yoga class
  • (60 mins)
  • - Chakras Cleaning & Harmonization (60 mins)
  • - Detox Juice

We are Eywa

Immerse yourself in our oasis of well-being. We are sure you’ll love your time with Eywa.

Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00 hrs
Saturday 09:00 - 14:00 hrs
Sunday variable program