Pericardium Liberation Therapy

Releasing our pericardium is opening the doors of the Kingdom of the Heart, connecting with our purest essence...

The pericardium is the membrane that surrounds the heart, gives it support and protects it from stressful situations or traumatic experiences. 

The heart is the catalyst of the emotions and the place where our spirit is housed, the pericardium being the one that absorbs those emotions that we are not able to manage.

Cellular bioenergetic osteopathy or liberation of the pericardium is a conscious touch and listening therapy. Searching for the origin of the imbalance returns your cells to their original movement. Restoring the flow of life that has been withdrawn and restoring health and homeostasis to all systems.

Restoring the flow of life that has been withdrawn and restoring health and homeostasis to all systems.

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Energetic Healing

When energy flows, the body itself regenerates and recovers its health...

Cleaning our energy is necessary to eliminate negative energies that are detrimental to our health and thus prepare the space so that we can absorb healing energies and balance our system.

As with our physical body, throughout the day our energetic body accumulates energy charges or “dirt” produced by our own negative thoughts, the people we interact with and the places where we spend time.

When these energies remain attached to our energetic body, they cause us states of discomfort for no apparent reason, experiencing emotions of sadness, anger, fear or any other emotion of low vibration.

Energy healing helps to release emotions and energy blocks, heals and mobilizes energy and restores inner balance and raises vibration.

After removing heavy densities and energies, we remain directly in contact with ourselves, without interference or distortions.


Chakras Cleaning & Harmonization

When the chakras are harmonized it is like building a beautiful rainbow bridge inside your body. A bridge connecting matter and spirit, earth and sky...

The chakras are energetic vortices that constitute the connection between our physical body and the energy that surrounds us. They connect the body with the emotional, mental and spiritual layers.

The chakras influence all aspects of our lives and reflect the state of our health.

Alterations at the biochemical level, as well as the emotional state, cause imbalances that make our chakras unbalanced and need cleaning and alignment to achieve that internal balance.

Crystals have healing properties and vibrational energy that can be transferred to the corresponding chakra.

Healing through stones is based on using that natural healing frequency that they have to purify the spirit, soul and body. Helping to clean them and restore balance.

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Being in Silvia’s presence is a blessing! His healing treatments saved me. I love you Sylvia... Laurence F. - France
A place of peace where I have reconnected with myself. Therapies like ko bido and pericardium release are impressive... Sarah J. - Dubai

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