Eywa Meditation

Eywa Meditation
Eywa Yoga & Healing Retreat

Meditation is an adventure; an adventure into the unknown, the greatest adventure that the human mind can undertake.

Meditation is simply being; without doing anything, without action, without thought, without emotion.

You simply are, and that is pure joy.

Where does that joy come from if you are not doing anything?

It doesn’t come from anywhere, or it comes from everywhere.

When the mind knows, we call it knowledge. When the heart knows we call it love. And when the being knows we call it meditation…

Only by observing thoughts, little by little, they fade away.

You become a mere observer, you do not identify with your thinking, you stay to the side observing, as if you were next to the road watching the traffic go by…

Find your roots

  • Duration: 8 mins 30 sec
  • Language: Spanish


  • Duration: 12 mins 40 sec
  • Language: UK

Anchor in your body

  • Duration: 9 mins
  • Language: Spanish

Connect with your roots

  • Duration: 6 mins 30 sec
  • Language: French

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